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NJ Politics Digest: The Buck Stops With Murphy

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New Jersey Politics
  NJ Politics Digest: The Buck Stops With Murphy  
  "I've taken responsibility for what happened. More importantly, I'm taking responsibility for fixing it," Murphy said, referencing the alleged sexual assault scandal that has engulfed his administration.  
Quote of the Day: "I've taken responsibility for what happened. More importantly, I'm taking responsibility for fixing it," - Gov. Phil Murphy, who said he didn't know about allegations a top aide raped a volunteer on his campaign until the Wall Street Journal reported on it, and won't say who hired the man for a high-paying state job.
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Laid off? NJ pushes plan for employees to get a week's severance pay for every year worked
Bruce Miller worked at a Sears Auto Center in Toms River for more than 35 years before losing his job last April as the once-iconic retailer shuttered storefronts on its descent toward bankruptcy.
The Record
How will LGBT history be taught in New Jersey schools after new law?
New Jersey schools will teach LGBT history under a new state law, but what does that mean for the classroom? That may depend on where you live.
The Record
Lawmakers Move To End Religious Exemption for Mandatory Vaccinations
The New Jersey Assembly passed a measure late last week removing the religious exemption as a reason parents can refrain from having their children vaccinated.
Murphy doesn't plan to punish aides over Alvarez hiring: The 'buck stops with me'
Gov. Phil Murphy said Thursday he does not plan to punish any of his aides for their handling of rape allegations against Al Alvarez, declaring at a news conference that the 'buck stops with me.'
Murphy Hiring Scandal Not Going Away
A 75-page report on how an accused rapist managed to get hired into a senior job with Gov. Phil Murphy's administration has done little to quell the scandal.
Phil Murphy got surprised with this question during telephone town hall
It's the unanswered question that's been asked dozens of times over the past couple months and probably the last one Gov. Phil Murphy wanted to get asked Wednesday night during a telephone town hall he used to promote a new $15 minimum wage bill he just signed into law.
New Jersey moves closer to joining states that allow medically assisted suicide
Terminally ill patients in New Jersey may soon be able to legally end their own lives with medical help as top Democratic lawmakers are backing the latest attempt to turn an emotionally charged proposal into law.
Asbury Park Press
N.J. crime victims' program failed to safeguard the identity of those seeking help, feds say
New Jersey's crime victims' compensation program did not protect personal information about those filing claims with the state, and also fell short in documenting some of the funds it allocated for relocating victims, according to a new federal audit.
ER Patients With Chronic Conditions Cost NJ Hospitals $1 Billion
A new study from the New Jersey Hospital Association finds some of the state's poorest areas struggle with the most chronic health conditions, costing hospital emergency rooms more than $1 billion in 2017 alone.
Will Booker's Track Record on Education Be A Problem for 2020 Campaign?
Sen. Cory Booker is running for president — and bringing a lengthy record on education with him.
Booker won't take pharma money
Cory Booker's presidential campaign will not accept campaign contributions from anyone who works as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, according to a fundraising solicitation from one of his longtime supporters.
New Jersey Globe
Key Republican to N.J. taxpayers: Tough luck, you're not getting your property tax break back no matter what Trump says.
A key Republican senator wasted no time in putting the kibosh on restoring your full deduction for state and local taxes.
NJ Transit official charged in scheme to steal more than $2 million from agency
An NJ Transit official and five others have been arrested and charged in a scheme to steal more than $2 million from the agency by submitting fraudulent bills for services, the Essex County Prosecutor's Office and NJ Transit Police said.
The Record
It's called a 'rain tax.' But will it really it help N.J. fight floods and stop pollution?
It happens every time it rains. Water washes off streets and parking lots, ending up in streams, rivers and lakes. And that runoff carries everything from leaked motor oil and road salt to dog poop, polluting waterways throughout New Jersey.
Former N.J. official to publicly apologize for 'racist' remarks about Indian Americans
The former Chesterfield Township Committeeman who ignited a controversy after making racially offensive remarks about Indian American voters in a Facebook post said Thursday night that he would make a public apology.
Moody's upgrades Newark's bond ratings
Credit ratings agency Moody's has upgraded the municipality of Newark's bond ratings from a Baa1 positive outlook to a Baa2 positive outlook.
Lawsuit: NY car crash victims were sent to NJ surgery center, forcing them to pay more
The owner of a Saddle Brook surgery center where poor sterilization and other deficiencies may have exposed patients to HIV and hepatitis owns another North Jersey surgery center that has been alleged in a lawsuit to have defrauded an auto-insurance company of millions of dollars.
The Record
Wallington suspends clerk, submits charges to state
The Borough Council voted Tuesday to suspend its clerk with pay and file tenure charges against him with the state Department of Community Affairs.
The Record
Want to Airbnb your home in this city? You'll have to ask all your neighbors first.
Newark is considering clamping down on home rental services like Airbnb, in a move officials say will help regulate the growing industry and allow the city to cash in on the profits.
Republican named winner in contested Westwood council election
An incumbent Republican will return to the Westwood Borough Council after a Superior Court judge ruled to discount three votes for a Democratic candidate.
The Record
Paterson schools chief could add $35,000 in bonuses to $233,000 salary
Improved student test scores and graduation rates are some of the ways that Paterson Schools Superintendent Eileen Shafer could collect an extra $35,000 in bonuses on top of her annual salary of $233,000.
Paterson Press
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